The ASI Forum is a new initiative of the IEEE Autonomous Systems Initiative. It offers a unique place to explore different topics around autonomous systems and interact with the growing and interdisciplinary research community.

The ASI Forum is centered around study groups, each covering emerging and innovative topics of autonomous systems. Currently, the ASI Forum features the following study groups which dedicated ASI Forum editorial board members manage:

  • Computational Self-Awareness (EB member in charge: Lukas Esterle)
  • Networked Autonomous Systems (EB member in charge: Lukas Esterle)
  • Human-Autonomous Systems Interaction (EB member in charge: Sabrina Iarlori)
  • Situational Awareness (EB member in charge: Gaoang Wang)

We invite you to participate in the forum and help to shape the topics and content with your contributions!

Launch of the ASI Forum