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Upcoming webinars

Date/timeTime PresenterTitle
March 26, 2024 2pm (CET, Amsterdam)Dr. Jude (Angelo) AmbroseRoad to Cost Effective Driver and Occupant Monitoring Systems for Safe (Semi-) Autonomous Vehicles
February 27, 2024 Dr. M. OskarssonMidlevel Representations and Domain Specific Geometric Estimation in Computer VisionClick here
January 23, 2024Dr. D. ShutinPhysics-assisted multi-robot exploration of spatio-temporal dispersal phenomena
April 27, 2023Prof. J. MaCooperative Perception “All at Once” with OpenCDA
March 30, 2023Dr. A. AjoudaniSocio-Physically Interactive Mobile Collaborative RobotsClick here
February 28, 2023Dr. P. LewisPerspectives and Opportunities in Trustworthy AIClick here
January 30, 2023Prof. A. CavallaroMulti-modal sensing for physical human-robot interactionClick here
December 21, 2022Prof. Karl FristonActive InferenceClick hereDownload
November 30, 2022Prof. Nikil DuttComputational Self-awareness and Self-organizationClick hereDownload

Past webinars